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Tulip Vases Large and Small

€55 - €85

by Jerpoint Glass Studio

Home & Gifts, Glassware, Serveware, Decorative, Planters & Vases

Our Tulip Vases, like so many Jerpoint pieces were inspired by nature. These vases have a simple crescent shape resembling closed tulips. Our renowned Jerpoint colours swirl around these vases and the beauty of the hand finished rim really makes these pieces special. 

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Martino Gamper Cuttings Collection

€120 - €353

by J.HILL's Standard

Home & Gifts, Glassware

This series features strong, intuitive marks confidently hewn out of the surface of lead crystal. The process of making cuts in this instance is less about applied decoration and closer to sculpture. The tactile crystal forms feel rugged and primitive in the hand; fingers naturally seek out the smooth hollows and crisp ridges of the cuts. Italian designer Martino Gamper is a natural interventionist - cutting to create shape and interest is characteristic of his work.

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Móin Tumbler


by Criostal na Rinne

Home & Gifts, Glassware

Evoking the rolling hills and layers of earth that fuelled Ireland for centuries. This crystal tumbler, cut by hand, is a tactile piece featuring bold cuts in robust crystal glassware. The horizontal cuts take inspiration from the low lying plains and bogs of Ireland.

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