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Beth Moran Handweaver produces bespoke handwoven goods which are all individual and unique. A new collection comes out every 3 to 4 months which keeps things interesting and challenging for me and hopefully for my customers as well.

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About Beth Moran Handweaver

I am a handweaver living on Clare Island off the west coast of Ireland for over 30 years. I have a sheep farm from which I get much of my carpet wool . Spinning and dying are also a big part of my work. It is very satisfying to keep this tradition alive. I also work in linen and silk and my work is always an exploration of colour, space and the everchanging patterns of life.

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I am inspired by the unspoiled nature which surrounds me, particularly the sea with all its movement and changing hues. Each piece I do is individual and I allow myself a lot of space when in progress for work to develop naturally. One thread at a time I am building an ever evolving story of patterns, the texture of life and how it constantly changes.