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Ceramic Designer from Dublin

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DANU Ceramics was founded by award-winning artist Ruth Power. Danu was the ancient Celtic Goddess of earth and creativity and the Hindu Goddess of water, three elements which are fundamental to the creation of ceramics.




by DANU Ceramics

A gorgeous porcelain ring dish with a grey watercolour glaze, 22k gold accents and gold dragonfly. Perfect for trinkets. Has a hook on the back so it can be wall mounted. Each piece is handmade and will be slightly different to the one shown, ensuring your piece is one of a kind!

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Teal Nesting Bowls

€15 - €35

by DANU Ceramics

Slip cast porcelain bowls with an elegant, organic edge. Glazed in a deep, luxurious glaze and adored with genuine 22k gold accents.

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Combining organic yet contemporary aesthetics each collection display well in both urban and rustic settings. Other materials such as 22k gold and glass are added, creating elegant, covetable objects.