Hannah Ennis Menswear
Hannah Ennis Menswear

Designer: Hannah Ennis Menswear

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  • Dublin

Hannah Ennis Menswear is an Irish slow fashion brand that uses locally produced tweeds and second hand shirting in her colourful and cherished designs.

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About Hannah Ennis Menswear

After graduating from London College of Fashion in 2019, Hannah launched her brand inspired by her Irish heritage, local craftsmanship and sportswear shapes in modern street style. Driven by a concern for the environment, her design processes have focussed on prolonging the lifetime value of second hand materials, developing a range of unique up-cycled shirting designs and utilising local and sustainably made materials. The brand now focusses on tailor made services in her shirting and tweed trouser range as well as her colourful knitwear range inspired by the Forty Foot and Stephens Green.

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When I up-cycle shirting I first chose from the stock that I have and spend some time designing the colour and pattern combinations, before I cut them into their components and place my pattern pieces so as to get the most out of the second hand cotton for the new shirt.