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Sarah McKenna Ceramics

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Sarah McKenna's Pottery and Homewares have layers of messages created using patterns, colour & text, which subtly says little things people want to tell each other without saying them out loud!

About Sarah McKenna Ceramics

Everyone wants to give a gift that makes people happy, little reminders of joy once known. So Sarah imprints text into the clay pieces – inspiring quotes, poetry and sentimental lyrics to tug at the heartstrings and make people smile.

The patterns and colours knead memories and emotions into contemporary functional forms. This nostalgia transforms an everyday object – into a special gift, cherished today and lovingly preserved as an heirloom.

Handmade with consideration for materials and the environment around us in her 250-year-old studio space in Dundalk, Ireland

A message made from earth and designed to last.

Discover more about Sarah McKenna Ceramics

‘I make pottery and tiles from beautiful soft slabs of clay impressed with textured wallpaper and stamped with words. I love the nostalgia and sentiment, and you can see that in all my work. I want these pieces to give daily reminders of the good things in your life. My pottery has three main details; Pattern - I use wallpapers and latex moulds to texture all my slabs, so I start with a form that is already decorative on its own. Overlaps - when working with patterns in 3D, you come across joins where the pattern will never match, so rather than try to hide or conceal this occurrence, I have made a feature of where the soft clay overlapped to form the bowls and vases. Messages - with simple line drawings, glossy red hearts and old-style letterpress stamps, I add messages to the clay. ‘