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Green Angel is an award-winning range of seaweed and essential oil-based skincare, spa and hair care products. All Green Angel products are produced in their custom-built facility in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.

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About Green Angel

The natural brand owes its roots to two ancient practices- Thalassotherapy (seaweed therapy) and aromatherapy. All Green Angel products contain a powerful blend of four organic hand-harvested Irish seaweeds from the nutrient-rich Atlantic Ocean on Ireland’s west coast.

Green Angel products also include luxurious organic essential oils helping to deliver the most potent of nutrients directly to the skin. Not only do these oils work wonders on skin, they also contribute positively to a person’s mood and well-being as they enter the limbic system of the brain through the receptors in the nose.

Green Angel was created in 2006 by husband and wife, Chris and Mary Mitchell. The range is available in leading pharmacies, lifestyle and gift shops nationwide and on

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The small sections of dried seaweed fronds visible in the soap, gently and naturally exfoliate the skin unclogging pores helping problematic skin, helping to leave it soft and smooth.

Green Angel Candles are hand-poured in Ireland in a time-honoured tradition and are made from 100% soy.