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Hennessy & Byrne handcraft exquisite tableware and giftware from indigenous Irish stone such as Connemara Marble, Kilkenny Limestone and Dublin / Wicklow Granite.

About Hennessy & Byrne

Established in 2010, Hennessy & Byrne is a family-run craft business which specialises in creating beautiful tableware and giftware from Irish marble and granite. All of our giftware is handcrafted by Eric Byrne, a second-generation master stonemason who has a passion for Irish stone, whether it’s the swirling green veins of Connemara Marble, the lustrous black shades of Kilkenny Limestone or the silver flecks of mica characteristic of Dublin and Wicklow Granite. Our products are entirely designed and handcrafted in our ‘Studio’ on the grounds of Russborough House in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. The ancient stone used in our designs was formed up to 750 million years ago, a fact that drives us forward in our efforts to capture the essence and beauty of these hidden treasures of nature to create something truly unique.

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Cutting, shaping, and diamond-polishing raw marble and granite and transforming these hidden treasures of nature into beautiful, and functional pieces for the home.