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Fiona Kerr Jewellery

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As a traditionally trained jeweller, Fiona works in silver, gold precious and semi-precious gemstones. Her work is inspired and influenced by the natural beauty of her surroundings in County Fermanagh.

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About Fiona Kerr Jewellery

Growing up in a rural landscape, the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders were the backdrop for my appreciation of the natural world. This early interest in nature would prove invaluable, as it is a continuing source of inspiration, informing my approach to jewellery design.

After training in England, I moved to Northern Ireland and worked in the jewellery industry for many years, before establishing my own jewellery brand. Aiming to design and make each piece of jewellery by hand to the highest standard. My desire is to create classic, elegant jewellery with a modern twist, jewellery to be loved and cherished and above all, worn. The inspiration I draw from my surroundings is reflected in many of my one-off designs and collections, with a stunning backdrop of gently rolling hills and loughs it’s easy to be influenced by the natural beauty of County Fermanagh.

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Using traditional jewellery making techniques all the jewellery I create is made within my small stone built workshop, it’s where the magic happens. I love working with precious metals at the jeweller’s bench, combining contrasting textures with the polished lusters of gold and silver, adorning with shimmering precious and semi-precious gemstones, the process of creation is an endless fascination for me.