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Tweed Emphasize Scarf - Monochrome II - Wide


by Mourne Textiles

Fashion & Accessories, Scarves

This Tweed Emphasize Scarf is made from 100% merino wool and is wonderfully soft, tactile and enveloping. Designed by Mourne Textiles's founder Gerd Hay-Edie, it is an exquisite example of mid-century style. In 1956 Irish fashion designer Sybil Connolly used this fabric as part of her Spring Collection. 80cm x 200cm.

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Hummingbird print scarf

€120 - €195

by Jennifer Rothwell

Fashion & Accessories, Scarves

Bold and adventurous whilst being vibrant and colourful, the hummingbird print displays dozens of birds flying in several directions in the bright cobalt blue sky. The main colours in the fabric are cobalt blue, bright Windsor red orange and teal green. The bird itself consists of a beautiful array of colors.

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Misty Morning Cowl


by Wild Cocoon

Fashion & Accessories, Knitwear, Scarves

The Misty morning collection is inspired by the beautiful foggy morning of the west of Ireland in winter. A light mist settles over the land and gives everything in sight a light white hue with highlights of colour that peep through on higher ground. 

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Bohemian Rhubarb


by Debbie Millington Designs

Fashion & Accessories, Clothing, Scarves

Large silk wrap , 136 cm square . 100% silk with rolled hems. Fabulously chic this large black and red silk square is exquisite, perfectly teamed with any black dress or evening coat. Inspired by the giant rhubarb stems at the National Botanical Gardens Kilmacurragh Gardens in County Wicklow.

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