Irish Linen House

Textile Designer from Dublin

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Greg Whelan spent 20 years in the fashion industry before launching into the now world recognised Irish Linen House. His designs make a strong statement creating elegant and timeless tableware. The varied range includes embroidered table runners, placemats and napkins.

Book of Kells Collection

€115 - €150

by Irish Linen House

Inspired by the illuminations in the Book of Kells Irish Linen House has created nine exquisite pieces which capture the intricacy of the Book. With a combined total of 2,292,073 embroidered stitches, the collection has been created on the finest Irish Linen. Each piece takes its design from various pages of the Book, It’s intricacies, knots and links are regarded as ‘’the work of an angel and not of man’’. It’s iconic and inspiring flourishes, spirals and tracery have been referenced in the artwork.

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Tree of Life Napkins


by Irish Linen House

The tree of life is a significant symbol in Irish Folklore with many stories. Some say that if you fall asleep beneath an oak tree you will awaken among the fairy people and that it represents the cycle of birth life death and renewal. Set of 4.

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Each piece is handcrafted in the Irish Linen House studio on Bow Street in Dublin. Large commissioned pieces of work can be seen proudly hanging in the halls of Trinity College Dublin and their work has been internationally recognised by prestigious stores such as Barney's New York.