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Cirlce of Light Pendant

€150 - €190

by Tracy Gilbert

This design is inspired by the sun and its importance to Celtic life. The sun was at the centre of the Celtic year with the year split into two halves, the dark and the light.  The sun, represented by a golden citrine, bursts from the centre of each piece. The large pendant measures 25mm in diameter. The small pendant measures 18mm in diameter. Each pendant is beautifully engraved with 8 spirals that represent the Celtic Year and is set with a golden citrine (6mm in the large pendant and 4mm in the small pendant). The pendant is completed with an 18 inch sterling silver snake chain.

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Croí álainn pendant


by Enibas

This is one of their most popular pieces; a sterling silver circ on a double chain. The handy extension chain means that the length can be altered between 16” - 18”. A simple pendant for everyday, also looks well layered with other necklaces. Handcrafted in Schull, West Cork. Inscribed with Croí álainn on both sides of the circ. 'Croí álainn' is Gaelic for 'Beautiful heart'. “ For me, Ireland and the Irish have something special, a beautiful heart - croí álainn.” - Sabine Lenz, designer.

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