Rebeka Kahn

Ceramic Artist from Dublin

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Rebeka Kahn Art is created using a unique fusion of ceramic, glass and inspiration. Each piece is sculpted in Rebeka's home studio, at the foothills of the Wicklow mountains. This unique combination makes every stunning piece one-off in its own right, meaning that each individual is getting their very own special wall piece.

"The Irish Coast at Sunset"


by Rebeka Kahn

This piece portrays the stunning, rugged coastline of Ireland! With turquoises, blues and hints of metallic reflections as the sunset kisses the water. The colours, reflections and metallics will change throughout the day as the light changes!

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Poppies Fields

€155 - €395

by Rebeka Kahn

With a dark slate background, the rich red colours of the Poppies combine to give a modern and elegant look to this striking piece. 26 x 26 cm

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Imagine the Impossible


by Rebeka Kahn

Combining whimsical hot air balloons with butterflies creating a piece with a sense of freedom, dreams, success, love and adventure. 53 x 53 cm

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Each piece is singularly handcrafted, glazed, raku fired and given individual attention from the artist using uniquely perfected making and firing methods.