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by Maria Dorai Raj

These solid 9ct gold Celestial Orb Stud Earrings will give your look a modern twist. The simple yet striking design of these earrings features two half spheres. The combination of the offset spheres and the contrasting satin matte and polished finishes work beautifully in this design. Measurements: These earrings measure 9mm in length x 6mm in width x 6mm in depth.

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Cirlce of Light Drops


by Tracy Gilbert

This design is inspired by the sun and its importance to Celtic life. The sun was at the centre of the Celtic year with the year split into two halves, the dark and the light.  The sun, represented by a golden citrine, bursts from the centre of each piece. These drop earrings measure 18mm in diameter. Each earring is beautifully engraved with 8 spirals that represent the Celtic Year and is set with a 4mm golden citrine.

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FIONN Medium Hoop Earrings



Introducing a smaller version of their new Hoop Earrings. These sophisticated hoops are comfortable for easy everyday wear. The hand polished facets catch the light as you move. Made from solid 9-carat gold.

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