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Woodworker from Co. Monaghan

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Whackpack Furniture is a contemporary take on solid wooden craft furniture. It offers you a new way to construct furniture with a mallet, a wedge and a good old satisfying whack. Assembly takes one whole minute! Everything you need is in the box meaning you get all of the satisfaction and absolutely none of the hassle.


Red Creepie Stool


by Whackpack Furniture

Whackpack Furniture is a fusion of old Irish famine carpentry methods with the delicate techniques of Japanese Joinery. Whackpack flatpack furniture is fun functional and family orientated. Using wooden mallets and wedges, it enables consumers to become craftspeople and provides people with the ultimate tactile maker experience. All Whackpack Furniture components is handmade in Ireland and can deliver to anywhere in the world.

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The range begins with the Wooden Creepie Stool, a contemporary appreciation to the simple furniture designs that existed during famine Ireland and a celebration of the furniture making methods such as 'bodging' used throughout Ireland.