Shape and form, texture

Play with shape and form, texture and raw materials through the tactile elegance of the handmade sculptural wooden vessels by Alan Meredith Studio. Be inspired by the hand-rolled porcelain and thrown earthenware of Stephen Farnan, who makes his debut at this year’s show. Envelop your senses with the sophisticated aroma of a candle by Rathbornes 1488 - one of the world’s oldest candle makers. Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of a luxurious scarf made from merino lambswool by John Hanly & Co., one of Ireland’s most respected heritage weavers.
Dublin Dusk Classic 2 Wick Scented Candle


by Rathbornes Candles 1488

Home & Gifts, Candles & Fragrances

The newest Dublin Dusk fragrance is uniquely poured with rich black wax and carries scents of the Irish coastline as well as the aromatic woody scent of smoked oud and aged cedar resulting in a rich, warm, moreish scent just perfect for the dark winter evenings.

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Dearcán Triptych


by Alan Meredith Studio

Home & Gifts, Furniture & Lighting, Decorative

"A composition of three oak vessels. The triptych arrangement allows the viewer to appreciate the inherent subtleties between the individual vessels while also conveying a sense of community."

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Homegrown Bottle - Clonard Belfast


by Rebecca Killen

Ceramics, Planters & Vases

Handmade, millennial pink, bone china bottle with textured surface, Clonard Mineral Water Co Belfast across one side of the bottle. Finished with gold stripes along the rim.

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