Creative Kris Kindle

Kris Kindle gifts don't have to be boring. These crafty and clever designs prove that good goods really can come in small (and inexpensive) parcels this Christmas season.


by DANU Ceramics

A gorgeous porcelain ring dish with a grey watercolour glaze, 22k gold accents and gold dragonfly. Perfect for trinkets. Has a hook on the back so it can be wall mounted. Each piece is handmade and will be slightly different to the one shown, ensuring your piece is one of a kind!

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'Say my Name' Porcelain Pendant


by Orla O Visual Art

"Have you a favourite word or nickname?... Get it imprinted into Porcelain and show off to the world. Handmade with delicate fine Ming Porcelain, whiter, stronger and more translucent than the other porcelains. Each pendant is hand sculpted, so each piece is totally unique. Words are imprinted into the raw Porcelain clay and then fired to 1290° C in the potters' kiln. Finished with a light gloss coat."

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by Field Apothecary

Over many seasons, we cultivated the spoils of the rich wilderness around us. Stirred by the hum of the outdoors at first light, the air sharp with the scent of roots and nettles, the sight of hay gathered into glorious golden bales, mist rising from steep, wet banks and somewhere in the distance a peat fire unfurling tendrils of smoke. We have captured the essence of this wilderness in each of our Apothecary candles. Our Peat natural soy candle is made in Ireland fragranced with a blend of essential oils emitting notes of Birch, Rose and Earth.

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Concrete Tealight Candleholder


by Ail+El

Ail+El mini tealight holders are handmade using concrete. Each candle holder is individually hand-painted, each tealight candleholder is different and patterns vary. The candle holders all come with a tealight candle.

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